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When you’re buying or selling property you want things to be as straightforward as possible. Our experienced solicitor, Simon Proddow (admitted 1980) is happy to meet you face-to-face to explain the conveyancing process and answer your questions. We aim to simplify what can be simplified and to guide you through what can’t!

We can also help you with making a will, applying for probate and setting up Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). For examples of our usual charges and additional costs information please visit our pricing page.

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Talk to us when you need a conveyancing specialist

Buying or selling a property can be complex and stressful. So we do everything we can to make your transaction go smoothly. Our specialisms include both residential and commercial conveyancing, unregistered land, subdivision of land and right to buy.

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70% of adults haven’t made a will

And without a will you lose control over what happens when you die. Your possessions, your property, even guardianship of your children might not be dealt with in the way you want. Making a will is simple and we can guide you through the process.

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Take away the pain of probate

Probate is a complex and time consuming process. Sorting out the estate of someone who has died involves banks, HMRC, pension providers and other bodies. And as executors or next of kin who attempt it by themselves are liable for any mistakes, it’s always wise to use a legal professional.

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Why Lasting Power of Attorney is important for everyone

None of us likes to think that we may become incapacitated, but through dementia or another illness, it could happen to anyone. Putting a LPA in place means you can still have your say about what happens to you. Your wishes about your care and who looks after your affairs will be set down and implemented even if you can’t express them.

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More ways we can help you

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